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Hardscape Services

Hardscaping is a landscaping project that uses primarily ‘hard’ materials, such as concrete, stone, brick, glass, pavers, blocks, and many other materials to alter the structure or layout of a piece of property. Hardscaping projects can be an addition to a currently landscaped property, or can be performed on a ‘raw’ or unaltered area.


Whether you’re looking for a new stone patio or backyard fireplace, we are your contractor for rock and stone fixtures, paving and other hardscape features in the Fort Wayne & surrounding areas. The hardscaping is the structure the holds a well designed landscaping together. Masonry work can enhance the beauty of your home but also bring a sense of safety. You sit on it, walk on it, and park on it. A correctly built patio, driveway, wall, or walkway will last a lifetime.

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